Europe is humiliated

Europe is humiliated.

This is my second attempt to post a post in English (this was my first). And this is much more less of a humiliation than Europe just had. And again, this is translation. Aaaaand again this is about Ukraine.

There is a war in Ukraine.

Translation is from a tv show, the presenter of which is Mr. Edmundas Jakilaitis. I think he’s famous enough here in Lithuania. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that Europe is humiliated and I have repeated it for a fourth time.

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, said that in his interview to Mr. Edmundas Jakilaitis. And professor is much more famous in Lithuania and even in the world. Check Wikipedia.

There is more things he told during this show:

[…]And West, sorry for that, would load their pants, would step in that load and would stay there unconcerned and shiny.[…]

[…]Humiliation which is accepted by West. They are treated as fools. Russia talks to them as to fools.[…]

[…]So if they do not even dare to respond to these escalations with bigger sanctions, than it’s more than capitulation. It’s suicide. It’s West’s suicide.[…]

[…]He suggest to let him poo on the table. People around are surprised: how’s that? We said, that you cannot poo on the table! And one, which did poo on the table, says: where’s evidence? Get your experts commission…[…]

English mine of not is very good still. But I did what I can. I think you must read it, must hear it.

I’ve translated whole interview for you and put it as captions:

If you do not have the time for videos – check the transcript below:

Good evening, this is “Dėmesio center” (“In the spot light”)
We’re going to discuss International situation after increased aggression against Ukraine.
What measures could stop Putin’s aggression?
That’s what we’re going to talk on “Dėmesio centre” with politician Vytautas Landsbergis.
Good evening, professor.

Good evening.

EU governments heads been instructed to discuss new possible measures against Russia on planned meeting this Thursday in Brussels after renewed violence in Eastern Ukraine.
Would prime ministers dare to suggest new sanctions? How do you think? What these could be in your opinion?

Firstly we must strike-out word “possible”. “We’re going to discuss new sanctions” – that would be clearer? Isn’t?

Much more.

However there is no any clarity at all. They often say: “if russians…” – of course, they doesn’t say “russians” – they are polite. But in reality – it’s russians.

“If russians would continue their advance – then maybe, something, sometime we would do…”

But Russians advancing! All the time!

And they are very happy about the fact, that they could maybe… would possibly… do something.

It means that they are ok with the fact, that russians attack Ukraine. And russians are planning to continue their attacks.

They even told that they are going to occupy Mariupol (Ukrainian city) throught their puppets. They are even going to occupy Kyiv… They are definitely going to say that.

And West, sorry for that, would load their pants, would step in that load and would stay there unconcerned and shiny.

Some of our sources says, that they wait for Germany word. France suggests to increase sanctions only for separatists (no sanctions for russians). There is even an optimistic scenario, which says, that they would extend the list of persons and extend the list of so called “sectorial sanctions”. That would ban Russia’s economy sectors from any foreign.

And one more thing: everyone is waiting what Greece would do. United and solid agreement between states is needed and situation is very unclear…

And for the Greece. Let them go. And suddenly there is no any problem. Let them go to Putin’s Luhandonia, or let them institute some kind of Atentonia…

But that’s just some kind of statements…

An attitude, which considers: to do or not to do something – is so much pathetic.

That had to be considered long time ago: “what to do? Is this enough?”

And if situation becomes worse. And it is being made worse (regardless to lies of Lavrov or others). Situation being made worse and it is done by Russia, which attacked Ukraine. Ukraine, which i associated member of European Union.

European Union should have a responsibility. Other vice we may say: “Why we took such country? Do you see how much that trouble is?

And Putin continue with his hypocrisy (through its Peskov): “Ukrainians got into trouble”.

But maybe European Union got into trouble? It’s been told similarly: “this is their fault. They’re seduced our girl. And now girl suffers.” Let them say: “We didn’t seduce your girl. She goes here by herself. She has the right. And you – you’re beating her! We’re going to protect her now”. Would we protect her or not? – They didn’t tell that yet. And that’s all. Crussians. (Mr. Landsbergis said “trusai” not “cowards”. This is made-up word, which consists of “Russians” and “cowards”: “Coward-russians” – being afraid of russians maybe)

It is publicly considered a possibility to ban Russia from interbanking “SWIFT” system. That would mean total Russia’s finance system isolation. They won’t manage to create new system from a scrach by themselves or with China maybe. That would cease Russia’s international trade.
But no one dares.
What should Kremlin do so West would dare to present long-term or maybe short-term sanctions, which would be definitely effective? How do you think?

What I should suggest to Kremlin? Or should I suggest to West: “Wait, while Kremlin would do something… Relax and sit on your potty, while they do not do that”?

That’s not an attitude, which is required. One newspaper wrote correctly: “Ukraine defending herself from Moscow invasion”. That’s how it is: they are defending themselves from Moscow’s from Russia’s invasion.

Another newspaper: “where separatists would stop?”. You may think that some separatists suddenly appeared just now. They’re going somewhere… No one knows where they would stop…

Putin would tell them where to stop. You need to ask Putin: “Putin, where are you going to? So we could prepare ourselves: we would let you take this and that… Why torture people? You torture them sadistically. No one knows when or where you would stop…”

That could happen very close to your home and very suddenly.
That could happen very close to your home and very suddenly.

Western democracy looks very pathetic. It could be told very simple: “Russia should stop it’s war against Ukraine”. That would be only the words. But these would be said.

Russia should stop. If russia won’t stop its actions… Of course, Lavrov would continue to lie: “here’s not we; we are not there…” – put this into your poo box.
Let’s talk facts: you’re in the war. Thousands of your invasion troops, your “Grads” (rocked propelled explosions), your heavy war machinery beats and kills people!

There is even aviation already.

This is out of common sense… Some high representative may say: “they went into the marked and both these weapons, there’s everything you can buy there…”. Who are they? Who gave them money. This is Lie. Abasement… Humiliation… Humiliation which is accepted by West. They are treated as fools. Russia talks to them as to fools. And they are nodding their heads and even consider: they’re accepting their terminology – some kind of “separatists”. What kind of separatists we’re talking about? How they separated themselves? Because Janukovich fled? There were no any separatists before.

Everyone sat at their corners and everyone was happy. But then, suddenly other people changed government’s direction and they can even cease corruption! – This is really bad. There is no any clear statement. There is no any clear position. War is war. False war – “hybrid war” and some other strange words… This is high grade falsification! This is liar’s war. They don’t just make ware – they are even lying, that they’re at war. This is a part of the same war – the same aggression.
And then, after you state, that Russia is at war against Ukraine, should you agree on something? Or you just capitulate?

And if West capitulates by not even responding to Kremlin escalation of provocations… And provocations being escalated. Provocateurs enjoy very much the sight of another side trembling in the face of these provocations escalation. So if they do not even dare to respond to these escalations with bigger sanctions, than it’s more than capitulation. It’s suicide. It’s West’s suicide.

But West has measures. The same, already mentioned ban from “SWIFT” system. Biggest Russian bankers announced yesterday, that if that would happen, then they would expel America’s ambassador from Moscow at the same second and so on…

Oh, that so scary! Mr. Jakilaitis, its terrifying! Haven’t you already started to tremble?

No, I hadn’t…

Why? But that’s so scary…

So how would you explain this unwillingness to take effective measures? There must be effective measures?

And I say: they are “crussians” (made-up word from “cowards” and “russian”). Their are afraid. And it is clear to me that all these Lavrov, Pescov and their chief’s statements has one and exactly the same content and it is repeated all the time. Words are different, but content is the same: you are fools and cowards.
And they are ok with that. They listen to the legends and jokes… But all these things has the same meaning: “you are fools and cowards”.

War in Ukraine became less popular and receives less of the media’s attention. How do you think – why? Say: one Japan’s citizen assassination, which was executed by Islamic state “ISIS”, received much more world’s media’s attention than 30 Ukrainian citizens murders in Mariupol. How do you think why?

This is the great hypocrisy: there could be a million people, who could go and say “I’m Charlie”… Where’s this millions of people, which could come and say: “I’m kindergarten of Mariupol”? No. Let them beat this kindergarten. Because there is uncle Putin behind this. So we bend. And that’s it. This is the great hypocrisy. And… Weakness of spirit, or absence of backbone.

If we’d talk about the situation in the same Donbas: head of organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have stated yesterday, that mission work is impossible, as it is blocked. There is no any reliable information up there. Except NATO or Ukrainian inteligence, but this is not public information. World’s society doesn’t know what’s happening there essentially …

OK. But did World’s society knew about Stalin’s camps? About the shootings of demonstrations of workers? There is still the same since Stalin in Cherkessk. And you cannot get any reliable information. Do you think there is no such? Shouldn’t we react somehow to that? Russia continues to isolate itself. You won’t have any information. You’d see satellite, ruined, beaten cities and that would be your information.
You can listen to Kiselov or Peskov if your understanding is so primitive… But there is another thing which is even worse than lack of information: take disinformation as an information. Blind kitten struggle to open their eyes. I’ve made a presumption some when somewhere in Kaunas: “maybe these kittens opened their eyes, but then, suddenly they got scared, they closed their eyes and pretended that these didn’t opened it at all – it’s much more comfortable that way. Oh yes, it is.

There was an discussion yesterday in Lithuania regarding EU ambassador to Russia, regarding Mr. Vygaudas Ushatskas “basketball diplomacy”: it seems like he did played a basketball with Putin’s administration head Ivanov. How would you evaluate this situation? This activity?

I’d like to evaluate that as EU attitude: if EU wants to respond to Russia’s attacks at all with something… War attacks by using some kind of separatists with masks, or without masks, green or orange – doesn’t matter. Russia attacks. Attacks associated member of EU. How EU responds?
Ambassador can be withdrawn from this basketball match. They could show at least some sign of any kind…
What this ambassador does there if this behavior with the Europe is accepted?

However, maybe it’s worth to have that kind of person, who can get or deliver information.

But who knows… Firstly information, which we get from liars is not an information anymore.

And lie is not an opinion.

He should go to Ukraine and get that information up there. Of course he’s not allowed to do so. He’s representative for Russia. But he can come to the border. Or even look around and take care of some cemetery, where thousands of Russia’s troops are buried, which were broth there… Why Putin put them there?
There is a way to do some actions and movements. But we’re talking here not very seriously. We talk paradoxes.

But seriously: there should be some actions. Diplomacy, which is right now is actions diplomacy. Putin told us long time ago: they’re talking and I’m doing.
And that continues. They continue to talk. They did something a little and get scared of that – haven’t we done to much?
You know, a hen, which running from a rooster and bucucking loudly. One asks: “why you’re so scared?”. “I’m afraid if I’m not running to fast” – she responds.
Something similar.

U.S. position could be more intense. Isn’t?

What you mean “could”?

Republicans have a majority in congress now. And their position is much stronger than democrats.

And yes. Republicans decided that president may provide some aid by providing some weapons. Or something similar…

President doesn’t do that.

Yes. And that’s all. Republicans sits tight blocked. Same as Security Council is blocked by Churkin.
I don’t want to align U.S. president with Churkin, but situation is very similar.

Would you forecast long and lasting war in current situation? As many observers does?

This was an airport of Donetsk (Ukraine's city). It's been held by a few volunteers for a months. For a months against hundreds of Russia terrorist troops.
This was an airport of Donetsk (Ukraine’s city). It’s been held by a few volunteers for a months. For a months against hundreds of Russia terrorist troops.

The war would last as long as Ukraine would hold on. Their determination – especially volunteers, which scared Putin much: he’s even started to hallucinate America’s legions. He’s hallucinating. Ms. Merkel told us long time ago, that he’s not adequate.
Who knows what he can do on his trips, scared of America’s legions, which are beside mausoleum in Moscow. What can you say. There’s another hallucinations of some legions, who eat rice form their rice dish.
There is one choice: to respect or not to respect yourself. Putin suggest not to. He suggest to let him poo on the table. People around are surprised: how’s that? We said, that you cannot poo on the table! And one, which did poo on the table, says: where’s evidence? Get your experts commission…

I wrote a joke once. About snow: “is it really snowing? Get your commission. We think that it doesn’t snow at all”. We get exactly the same signals from Moscow: there is nothing, it’s not us… They get their weapons in weapon marked. What do you want from us?

And they are listening. They do not understand, that their sayings mean the same thing: you’re fools and cowards.

Thank you for coming.


UPD: you can improve these captions, by downloading this file and by giving it back to me (let’s talk in the comments).